Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nap Time, Again. Day Four In-country

Today I joined my brothers and sisters here, and caught a few winks with them during nap time. Then the brother next to me starting snoring and woke me up, oh well.

There is a sister here who was beat up by the secret police. They knew she was going to this secret location for this training, and they were trying to get her to tell them where it was. She refused, and was roughed up for her defiance. Also, it seems that every pastor I meet here has been jailed often more than once, and still they are faithful.

I am teaching in a "safehouse" in the city. Some of the students have come from far away and they stay here during this week of teaching. Some live in this city and commute. We all arrive in the morning. This morning I was picked up by a different driver at a different location, and we took a different route to get here. We have prayer and praise and worship, then I start teaching. We take a mid-morning break and we also take the lunch time/nap time break. Nap time is over at 1:30, and I start teaching again. I usually teach until about 2:30 or 3:00. There is also a lot of time set aside for prayer.

I keep saying this again and again, I keep feeling this over and over--their faith and faithfulness humbles, teaches, and inspires me. The persecution here is so great, and they remain strong in the face of such persecution. These believers are an example to Christians all over the world.

Others are starting to wake up. There is a competition going on between two brothers, it seems they are trying to out-snore each other. Those who have awakened are having lots of fun with this. Almost time to start teaching again. The battle of the snorers is over, one brother is the clear winner.


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