Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day Three, In-country

Still here in Nevada or NV (do you get my drift?), enjoying coffee and cool breezes at my favorite coffee shop here in the tourist district. Some guy just asked me if I was from Nevada. That is the plus for me, I blend. While I am a bit more overweight than your typical resident of Nevada, I do blend in pretty well, so my coming here, going to special places to hold conferences, etc. is easier for me since I look like I am from Nevada (or NV, get it?).

Had yet another incredible day teaching. All is going well, no serious problems like the last time I was in Nevada. But I want to stay vigilant and alert, and most of all I ask you to please keep thinking those thoughts.

Some people here have had some severe hardships. I had coffee with an older student. He used to work for the former government, the one before the current government in Nevada. Since he was associated with the old way of government, when the current regime took over, they put him in prison for twelve years. After he got out, he was very bitter and angry at the government that put him in jail for so many years. He told me that held so much bitterness in his heart, it was eating away at him and making him physically sick.

Then something happened, he learned to forgive. A leader here told him about the power of JC, and the mercy JC gives us. He became a follower of JC, and now he says his life is brand new. In fact, he feels that he needed to go to jail for twelve years, so he could realize his need for JC. He is glad for those years, because that is what brought him to need JC. He now forgives his former captors, and he has compassion for them, that they would one day know JC as he does. This is the power of the good news.

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  1. Amazing! Our thoughts are turned toward you and your family.