Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We don't have water.

OK, we do have drinking water, and also electricity, our cable TV is working, and even our Internet connection is up, but we don't have water. The pump on our well is broken, and our tank is empty. We put our dinner dishes in the oven so the ants would not feast on our dirty plates. We are getting a new pump tomorrow, and it should be in place and operational by noon, but until then we can't flush toilets or take showers, or do the dishes.

But I can still check my email and watch ESPN (doing that as I write this). I am also taking an "air conditioning bath," that is the false sense of feeling clean when you are cool and dry. I am thankful for that. We also went to the campus pool after dinner to get clean, but we did not bring soap and shampoo.


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