Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Brother, My Mentor

I believe in having a mentor. I believe in submitting to someone and being accountable to someone. I believe in finding someone who has more life experience and more wisdom, and spending time with that person to learn from and build relationship with. I am privileged to call Chaz Yandall my mentor.

To talk to him, he would not lay claim to that title. He says we just hang out, becoming closer as brothers as we also become closer to Christ. Truly he does bless me as a great friend and brother.

At the same time I learn much from him and his experience. First there is the uniqueness of his family. He and his wife Terrie have twenty six kids. That is not a typo. The full story of their very special family is another blog entry altogether. Also Chaz is a pastor and missionary here in the Philippines with almost twenty years experience on the field. Most of all is the strength and simplicity of this faith. He is truly a Christ follower.

Today I had lunch with my mentor, to glean from his wisdom and seek his input on some of my questions. We went to my favorite Filipino restaurant, eMillion. The food was great, the company was even better.


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