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YFN-IAM, We Have Just Begun

Personally I am not a fan of big evanglistic events, unless they are done in partnership with local churches. What is the point of hundreds of youth getting charged up or of dozens of new believers being welcomed into God's kingdom unless those being ministered to can get plugged into a good local church for continued discipleship? It's great that we can have an incredible week long youth event, but there are still fifty-one more weeks in the year.

That is why for this year's YFN-IAM event we started meeting with local churches and their pastors months and months before the event. Through the leadership of Calvary missionary Nate Shuck and Sonshine Center director, Pastor Chris Patricio, we approached local churches, offering the YFN-IAM event as a catalyst for growth for their churches and youth ministries. Our desire was to partner with churches in Iloilo so that these new believers and energized youth could maintain their commitments through the ministry of a local church.

It is this partnership with local churches in Iloilo that has made this year's YFN-IAM event such a huge success. Each night hundreds of youth were in attendance (for last night, the final night of the event, we had almost 700 in attendance).

Each night's meeting had a theme, the final night's theme was a challenge to the youth to give away what has been deposited into them, they were challenged to reach their families, their friends, their schools, their city, their nation, and the world for Christ.

The youth came forward to sign their names, making their own faith declarations.




Now the real work starts.

More pictures:

Friday, May 22, 2009

YFN-IAM, Another Update

Last night the power of God continued to move, even though we had a brownout (power outage). Twenty one new believers were added into the family of God. Tonight is our final night and we are expecting Christ to punctuate this incredible week with a huge exclamation point.
Pastor Chris shares the Good News of Christ with the hundreds who are hungry for Christ.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YFN-IAM Update

First of all what is YFN-IAM? It stands for Youth for the Nations-Ignite A Movement. The desire for this event and ministry is to ignite a movement among the youth here in the Philippines and eventually around the world. The YFN-IAM team is made up of graduates of Christ for the Nations Institute, a Bible school in Dallas, TX.

The main thrust for the event this year has been the to partner with local churches and their youth pastors. Months before the event we started meeting with local churches and their youth ministers. It is our desire that the youth who come to this week's event, have a radical experience with a life changing God, and then these youth get plugged into a local church.

Tonight was the second night of the event. The first night we had around 300 in attendance. Tonight we had 400-450. The first night twelve came forward to receive Christ. During this the second night, one of those new believers, Jason, came forward and gave his testimony.


He then said a prayer for all in attendance.

Tonight thirty two new believers came forward to accept Christ into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior. We rejoice with Heaven over these new believers.

God is truly moving, lives are being changed, hundreds of youth are being drawn, and it's only the second night.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

YFN-IAM, Getting Ready

The next big event here in Iloilo is YFN-IAM (Youth For the Nations-Ignite A Movement). This will be a major youth event to be held next week. This is the third year in a row that this team has come to conduct this youth event. It gets bigger every year.

Scenes from setting up for the event--here missionary Matt Barr takes one for the team with his high wire act.




We are expecting hundreds, and perhaps up to a thousand youth to come, to be blessed, and to have an encounter with Christ.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Christine and I are 100%, unapologetically pro-life. I make this assertion, I firmly believe that life begins at conception--and this is not above my pay grade. Before we were missionaries, our family worked with the Gabriel Network, an organization that assists women who are in crisis pregnancy (good article on the Gabriel Network here). I find this recent report from Gallup polling organization interesting:

The related article for this chart can be found here. I seriously doubt that you will find this information mentioned in the popular news media, so doing my part I mention this on our blog.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Days Until . . .

as of this date:

11 days until the Ignite a Movement youth event here in Iloilo, we have a team coming from the States to conduct a major youth event, and the Calvary missionaries and Sonshine Center staff are hosting this team.

30 days until my cousin Kay and Jesse and their girls arrive for a visit and to help celebrate ten years of Camp Sonshine in the Philippines.

39 days until Eric and Faith start going to school for the first time ever. They have been homeschooled for all their schooling, this will be the first time they will be going to a school.

57 days until our family vacation to Hong Kong, looking forward to actually visiting and not just flying through one of my favorite cities in the world. We are planning to spend one day at Ocean Park.

165 days until the Calvary International-Asia Pacific Annual Meeting, this year to be held in Davao, Philippines.

209 days until I return to Davao to help with a tribal pastors conference. I served at this event in 2007, that's where I met a man who was once a cannibal and who is now a pastor in his tribe, and also where I attended a church service and saw (no pun intended) a blind mean healed.

257 days until the next Timothy Internship Program, and yes we have already begun preparing.

So now you know what we will be up to for the next few months.