Friday, September 25, 2009

Only 24 Pounds

This precious little girl is five years old and weighs only twenty four pounds. She lives in the Calajunan city dump area.

My youngest son, Danny, is two years younger than her, and yet he weighs more. The fact of the matter is, most pets in the United States are better fed and have better health care than most of the children we work with.

We are trying to change that. Working with a local church near the city dump site, the Sonshine Center is expanding its ministry presence in the Calajunan area. We still bring the kids to Saturday Kids Club, but it has been on our hearts to do more for the poorest of the poor. Calvary missionaries Nate and Abegail Shuck and Mike and Jude Kelly, along with Rodney McDonald have started a major community development project in this area. A survey of the families and the homes has been conducted, the kids were weighed, needs were assessed, and goals were set. A regular feeding program has also been started. Abegail told me how the kids were so excited about the soup being served--they were excited about the size of the bits of chicken in the soup.

So we are hoping to fatten these kids up a bit, and also we are hoping to fill their hearts, their homes, and their lives with God's love.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

From Chris, . . . going back to Egypt

Dave and I see miracles often--lives being radically changed, broken families coming together; but sometimes we see lives being broken with pain. We usually share about the positive and encouraging stories, preferring to focus on the blessings and the amazing ways that God is moving here in Asia. Sometimes there are pains that touch so deeply, we can’t help but reflect upon them.

Two of the street kids that we work with recently decided to “go back to Egypt.” They were given a place to live, food everyday, discipleship, education, love, and a place to be at peace. They were given abundance, but they were also given boundaries for their protection. They had come from a dark place of sin, pain, hunger, homelessness, anger and rejection; but it was a place with no rules, seemingly free. We have all known that place--sometimes we frequent it still.

For these boys the temptation for “freedom” was too great, the pain was familiar and so welcome; the abundance and acceptance too good to be true. So when the Dark called out to them again, they went. It’s still difficult for me to grasp why they would willingly walk back into the hell from which they had come. Why would anyone want to go back to the Dark after experiencing such goodness? But, we do it. We reject the boundaries, because we want “freedom,” but we don’t realize, and these boys didn’t realize, that when we reject the boundaries, we are left in a scary place with no protection.

We will continue to pray for them, to love them and to accept them with open arms, but we cannot make them return. We pray that their eyes will be opened so that they can see that God is working for their good, because they have been called to His purposes. Romans 8:28