Saturday, August 23, 2014

Less than 2% Christian.

According to Operation World, in Thailand there are more people enslaved by the sex industry than there are Christians, a frighteningly sobering reality.

Go To Nations (GTN) is attacking both these issues head on.

Each week our missionaries, my wife included, minister to the girls who work at the bars. Right now they are building relationships with them. They have also started helping them learn English so as to give them increased job opportunties.

Last month twenty eight Bible school students were graduated from GTN's Calvary Bible School.

The Calvary Bible School (CBS) class of 2014 consists of current and future church leaders.  

During the CBS school year the students accomplished the following:

Number of people ministered in Thailand and Laos, 3,126

Decisons for Christ, 540

Number of people baptized in the Holy Spirit, 231

Water baptisms, 143

Number of people healed, 81

Number of new church  plants, 7

The army of the Lord is increasing here in Thailand, and His kingdom is advancing on many fronts.