Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nek Nek, Sad Story

I wrote about Nek Nek a few weeks ago. Sadly he will not be returning to school. Even more sad he will probably not be coming back to Sonshine Center for afterschool program and Saturday Kids Club Church. His guardian, his grandmother, does not care about him at all so she has farmed him off to other relatives who live far away from the Center. These family members have no interest in sending him to any kind of school, even one that is already paid for through the scholarship program of the Sonshine Learning Center, because he now lives so far away.

It is so sad because this youngster came to the Center every week. The whole staff knew about Nek Nek, mostly because he was such a discipline problem. For over half of his young life he came to the Center to receive love and acceptance. Then he really matured and thrived in his first year at the preschool. Now his future is not so bright.

His family can't afford to send him to school so he will probably spend his days on the street begging for money. It is very sad. We can only hope and pray that the seeds planted into his life and heart through his coming to the Center these passed few years will remain and one day bear fruit.


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