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Daniel Patrick Anasco, Age 6, "FBI"

I hope you, dear reader, have been fortunate enough to know our second born son, Daniel Patrick Anasco. If you have been so lucky, then you know an amazing boy, full of life, full of joy. As you may remember, Daniel was born here in Iloilo. He is what they call an "FBI," a Full Blooded Ilonggo. His birth day story is an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness. It is hard to believe that was six years ago today. A few minutes old. I look like my Dad, the late Dr. Anasco. Age one. Age two. Age three. Age four, his first day of preschool. Age five, facing the Dark Side. A few days before his sixth birthday.

Her Name is Angel, an Update, From Chris.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a little girl that I had met named Angel. At the end of that post I wrote that I will some day see her laughing and dancing. For Angel the day for dancing and laughing has come. Sadly the day for me to see her dancing and smiling will not come for a while. On July 12, Angel went to be with the Lord. It was a hard day, but a meaningful one because I was able to spend the entire day with Angel's older sister and brother, Geraldine and Gerald. A few other missionaries and I were able to be with them, sit with them, cry with them on this difficult day. We have built a relationship with this family that I believe is eternal and it is worth all the tears. Truly- "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

Another Guest Post from Chris: My Saturday Afternoons

I have been spending my Saturday afternoons at Calajunan, the city dump site. Along with fellow Go To Nations missionary, Yolanda Ortega , we visit the families who live there, praying with them, inviting them to the kids club at Hope Center church, and just building relationship with them.  Here is a video Yolanda made of one of our Saturday visitations:

Guest Post from Chris: Her Name is Angel

Last month I met a little girl named Angel.   She is three years old. She has an older sister and an older brother who adore her.  I visit her twice a week to read books to her, sing songs with her, and pray for her healing. I have never seen her dance or laugh. I have never seen her smile or cry. I have never seen her awake. When I met her, she was already in a coma from which the doctors say there is no hope of recovery.  But . . . God. I serve a God of the impossible and I believe He can heal her. I had a dream recently where Angel was dancing and singing. In my dream, I wept and when I woke up, I continued weeping. I so long to see her awake- smiling, laughing, dancing. I know some day I will.   Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4