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Not Future Missionaries, Continued

Joining Go To Nations missionaries Mike and Jude Kelly and their community development project in the San Isidro Relocation village, the current batch of Timothy Program interns installed screens in several of the homes in that village. These screens are going to be a big help in preventing mosquito born illnesses like dengue fever, a disease that is still a major problem in Iloilo (in fact we recently lost one of our own Sonshine Center kids to this disease). Eric and Danny assisted in today's screen installation/construction project. Once again they prove that they are not future missionaries, they are missionaries now.

These Kids Live in Trash

On Sunday the interns completed Children's Ministry week by helping Go To Nations missionaries Nate and Abegail Shuck with their Kids Club at Calajunan. These kids live on or near the city trash dump. The interns planned and executed the entire children's ministry program. They did an excellent job, they were like pros.

Learning is the Goal

Once again Go To Nations interns have descended upon our dear city of Iloilo, the Timothy Internship Program of 2011 has begun. Once again we have a group of interns who will do things like children's ministry, medical missions, community development, teach in a Bible school, and so much more. As amazing as those things are, truth be told, these ministry activities are NOT the goal of this internship. Yes, they will touch many lives, joining in ministry activities already going on here in Iloilo. Yes, they will help change a squatter village through community development, they will help feed hungry kids on Saturdays at the Sonshine Center, and they will each get a chance to preach a Sunday message at an area church. However, all this ministry is not the end result we are seeking. For this internship ministry is not the goal. The goal is learning. The goal is to see these interns step out and do something amazing, perhaps something they have never done before, like teach in