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Pictorial Year in Review

Our family continues to have an amazing time serving in the Philippines. We started the year on vacation in Tagaytay, Philippines. What you see in the picture above is a volcano inside a lake.  Of course our kids continued to grow . . . and grow. In March we completed our third Timothy Internship Program, training six new missionaries. It is an honor and privilege to work with the Sonshine Center and Pastor Chris Patricio. He is an amazing man of God, and good friend. Of course one of the biggest ministries of the Sonshine Center is Summer camps,  which began in April. This year the Summer camps were directed by Go To Nations missionaries Nomil and Valerie Adorada. As always they did an excellent job running the camps. This year Danny was a camper. So many children were touched. We ended up ministering to over  one thousand  kids. This Summer Eric (and Faithy and even Danny) got in on the action, serving as assistan