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Less than 2% Christian.

According to Operation World , in Thailand there are more people enslaved by the sex industry than there are Christians, a frighteningly sobering reality. Go To Nations  (GTN) is attacking both these issues head on. Each week our missionaries, my wife included, minister to the girls who work at the bars. Right now they are building relationships with them. They have also started helping them learn English so as to give them increased job opportunties. Last month twenty eight Bible school students were graduated from GTN's Calvary Bible School. The Calvary Bible School (CBS) class of 2014 consists of current and future church leaders.   During the CBS school year the students accomplished the following: Number of people ministered in Thailand and Laos, 3,126 Decisons for Christ, 540 Number of people baptized in the Holy Spirit, 231 Water baptisms, 143 Number of people healed, 81 Number of new church  plants, 7 The army of t

Is Language Learning Ministry? (blog post by Chris)

One of the great things about living in Thailand is that not many people speak English.  What?!  Does this make it harder for us to communicate? Most of the time.  Does it mean we have to study more to learn the language?  Definitely.  But so far, we have enjoyed the challenges of learning Thai- even those times when we thought we were ordering noodles and got white rice instead. Because English is valued but not always available, we find ourselves in a unique position to use teaching English as a tool to build relationships. Dave has built a relationship with a Buddhist man by meeting twice a week to practice English and Thai.  He has really grown to look forward to these days when he can sit and talk with his new friend.  Eric has also begun teaching English to several new believers from our church. Every Monday I go to the local bar area where I, and several other missionaries, meet with bargirls to practice English.  We are excited to build relationships with these women

After Ten Amazing Years in the Philippines, We are Now in Thailand!

Traditionally when a missionary family makes a transition from one country to another, they have a Stateside trip in between to prepare them for the new nation. After much prayer and consideration, we felt that we were to make the move to Thailand directly from the Philippines. With a joyful but also heavy heart, we said goodbye to our Filipino home and on April 15, 2014, we moved to Thailand. We did some serious downsizing, we were able to reduce our family belongings to just a few suitcases and boxes. At the Manila airport on the big moving day, about to get on our flight to Thailand. We have been in country for less than a month. During that time we started language learning, we bought a car and started to learn to drive on the left side of the road (it’s easier than you think), Gabriella started preschool at a Thai school, and we started doing ministry. Driving on the left side of the road will take some getting used to, but so far so good. Lunchtime