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From Christine, Celebrating the Sonshine Learning Center

Over a decade ago we began our missionary career in Iloilo, Philippines. When we arrived, we had no idea that we would be there for ten years; we had no idea that our family would grow, literally and spiritually; we honestly had no idea what we would even be doing! During our first few months there, I began to see a need to start a preschool for the street children we were working with on a weekly basis. Many of these children would start first grade already way behind all of their peers, because at the time, when entering first grade children were supposed to know how to read, do basic math skills, etc..   Graduation time, recognizing and rewarding all their hard work. So in our first year on the field, I started the Sonshine Learning Center (SLC). It began in a small classroom with thirteen kids, two teachers and one assistant.  By the second year, we had transitioned to a classroom in the Sonshine Center building.   The Sonshine Learning Center has come a long wa