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Over One Thousand

-nine camps -with twenty five partnering churches -at eight different locations throughout the Western Visayas -ministering to over one thousand children This is what we have been up to these past few weeks. This year's Summer Camps were special for our family in that our children played a bigger role in doing the actual ministry of the camps. They have been campers in previous Summers, and Danny was a camper at the first camp at the Sonshine Center. For the other camps Eric, Faith and Danny worked as assistant counselors, helping with crafts, games, dramas, and even helping lead assembly. Watching your children do ministry, having them learn that they can be used by God, even at a very young age (Danny is not yet five years old), is quite frankly A-MAY-ZING. These pictures (below) are of our children being missionaries NOW:

School's Out! (Guest Post by Eric)

For us in the Philippines it’s summer, and summer means Camp Sonshine Summer Camps. This year we're expecting about one hundred kids per camp with ten camps in all. I will be attending nine of these as an assistant counselor and as a member of the skit team. Here I am taking a bow with the rest of the skit team. My sister Faith will attend about three or four of these camps as a volunteer throughout the summer. Please offer your prayers for the kids and for my family throughout the summer and may God bless you.

Our Last Baby Has Her First Birthday

I think it is no secret that Gabriella will probably be our last baby (but then you never know). Four kids feels complete, especially now that we have had a boy, then a girl, then another boy, and then another girl. Was it really one year ago ? Of course it also turned into a difficult time for us as Gabriella's first week of her life was spent in the NICU . Now one year later Gabi continues to grow into an amazing little girl. We had her first birthday Filipino style at Jollibee.