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Lego Thanksgiving Story

Building on the success of last December's Lego Christmas Story , Eric got his creative juices flowing again, this time retelling the Thanksgiving Story with Legos. All pictures and captions by Eric. The Mayflower arrives at Plymouth Rock in the New World. The pilgrims begin to explore the new world. The pilgrims build houses to prepare for the coming winter. The Native American Squanto greets the pilgrims . . .  and introduces them to Chief Massasoit. Squanto teaches them farming techniques. So, after a hard but prosperous year the pilgrims prepared a thanksgiving feast and invited the Native Americans to join them in celebration. The Native Americans brought food for the feast. The pilgrims gave thanks to God for providing them all that they needed.

"When I realized that men were made in God's image, I could no longer kill them and eat them."

"When I realized that men were made in God's image, I could no longer kill them and eat them."  These are the words of a tribal leader who is now a pastoring a church among his native people. Last week Go To Nations held a pastor's conference in Davao, Philippines ministering specifically to pastors and church leaders of tribal groups in Mindanao. Over 400 church leaders from 20 tribes (pictured below) were in attendance. One of the most moving parts of the conference was when several groups sang the great hymn "How Great Thou Art" in their tribal dialect. Native peoples who once practiced cannibalism are now singing praises to God, starting churches, and reaching the unreached. The team who came to minister to these church leaders was made up of pastors and missionaries from the United States, the Philippines and Latvia. This team also included GTN president Jerry Williamson and Asia-Pacific regional director Craig Kuehn (pictured below in tribal ge