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What is Poverty?

What is poverty? The gentleman in the picture (wearing the blue tank top) lives in Calajunan, the city trash dump area. In the picture behind him you can see the mountains of trash. He works in the trash collecting things like pieces of metal and plastics in order to sell to recyclers. He lives in one of the most awful places I have ever been. Even though I have been to Calajunan many times, I always nearly toss my cookies whenever I go. On the surface he would be considered among the very poor--that he is living in extreme poverty. Actually he is a very good father with a blessed family. Through his work at the trash dump he has been able to send his kids to college. His oldest son graduates this year while another son is just starting. He walks to work, it probably takes him about five minutes. He probably thinks that anyone who commutes ninety minutes to work each way is living in poverty. Through the satisfaction he has gained from his hard work, being able to put his sons throug

Manila, Almost Like the States . . . Almost

There are some places in Manila that are very much like America. We spent three days in the big city to attend the Calvary International Asia-Pacific Annual Meeting. We enjoyed Crispy Cream donuts, Starbucks coffee, and Eric and I even split a huge bacon-cheeseburger at TGI Fridays. The kids also enjoyed some rides at a local amusement park

One Thoursand Pesos-Update

I mentioned in a previous post about how it costs P1,000 to feed our street kids each Saturday, and how we are looking for Filipinos to partner with us to sponsor a Saturday. Through our fund raising efforts, talking with friends, church members, and others, we now have all Saturday covered from now until end of 2009. Praise the Lord for His provision. These funds are from friends, businesses, and individuals here in the Philippines. All Saturdays are covered, we are now looking for sponsors for the Thursday evening afterschool Kids Club.

Four Years

This month marks our fourth anniversary of being on the mission field. Four years ago we left our home in America and started this next chapter in our family's life. Four wonderful years, full of ministry at the Sonshine Center , helping the poor and needy , teaching in Bible schools , making undercover trips into unfriendly places working with the Underground Church, seeing many family changes and challenges, watching Tuesday Morning Football , and even adding a family member . Four incredible years! While that may seem like a long time, I feel these four years have flown by. Also we are just getting started. So many of the other missionaries we work with here in Asia have been on the mission field for ten years or more, some almost twenty years. We are still baby missionaries compared to these missionary giants. Purpose is our passion, not children's ministry, not Bible schools, not even foreign missions--purpose is our passion. Obedience is the one thing . We will stay in

One Thoursand Pesos

At the current exchange rate, one thousand Filipino pesos (P1,000) equals a little more than $20. It takes P1,000 to feed the kids (around 150) of the Sonshine Center each Saturday. After Kid's Church on Saturday we try to send the kids home with a simple but substantial meal, usually something like soup and rice. Last Saturday we served arroz caldo , one of my favorites. For most of our kids, this meal will be their only meal of the day. We have also been trying to raise funds for this feeding program by seeking investors here in the Philippines. While many churches and individuals in the States partner with the Sonshine Center, we feel we should be giving Filipino churches, families, and individuals the opportunity to invest into the Sonshine Center. So we have started a fund-raising drive, seeking people to sponsor a Saturday Kid's Church meal. Businesses and individuals can pick a Saturday to sponsor, example: We hope to see plenty of these posters being displayed in peop