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Back Home Again in Indiana

I bet you did not know that I grew up in Indiana. I was born in Indianapolis and grew up in Kokomo (nothing at all like the Beach Boys song). We are currently traveling throughout my home state, meeting with churches and fellow missionaries. The teams that came and built the playground, the kitchen, and the stage at the Sonshine Center came from this area. We have been reuniting with those missionaries, and we have also been sharing at the churches that sent them. We are being overwhelmed with blessings at every turn.


Today we enjoyed the amazing underground caves of Luray Caverns .

Cherry Blossoms 2008

This is one of my favorite things to visit in Washington D.C., the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial during the blooming of the cherry blossoms. The last time we did this was April of 2004: quite a difference four years later: More pictures from this day:

Hawaii was a Good Idea

Not only did it break up our long trip, it was just wonderful to visit this beautiful place. We had a good night's rest, then we spent the day on Waikiki Beach, and then we left for the States the same evening. A great time was had by all.

Finally . . .

in Maryland. No more flying for a while. I will post pictures from Hawaii later, after some sleep. We are getting ready to enjoy a nice dinner with family, then off to bed.

Beautiful but Cold

Hawaii is beautiful but cold. For some reason I thought it would be as hot here as in the Philippines, not so. As I type these lines I am about a three minute walk from the Waikiki beach. Danny had a little trouble going to sleep last night we he and I walked out to the ocean and got our feet wet. It is as beautiful here as people say. We will be here just for the day. We head for the airport around 7:00 this evening, and our flight to Houston leaves around 9:00. While I miss my Filipino home very much, it is so good to be back on American soil. There is just something about being in your homeland, seeing the Stars and Stripes flying overhead. We will arrive at our final destination, BWI, around 3:00 Thursday afternoon. Until then, please continue to pray for safe and uneventful travels.