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On missions you find out if you really believe all the stuff you say you believe, you find out if you really believe the stuff you sing about on Sunday mornings in church. On missions you find out it's all true.

Still Ready

Less than two weeks to go. We continue to have a blessed time in the States. I went to my first Orioles game last Saturday, even though my hometown favorites got shellacked, it was nice to go back to the ballpark. It has been a true blessing to visit with family and friends. This is what we have missed the most.


As of this writing, we have twenty four days left here in the United States. I have enjoyed my first Stateside furlough. I have enjoyed the comforts of this country like hot showers, cooler weather, public libraries, etc. Most of all I have enjoyed seeing family and friends, what we have missed most of all. It continues to be a wonderful visit here in the U.S. I was worried that at the end of our time here in the States, that I would dread going back, that I would become so used to the comforts and familiarity of our U.S. home, that I would regret having to leave it. Honestly, I am starting to feel different about that. I am looking forward to going back. Now my tune may change twenty four days from now, or actually twenty five days from now when I step off the plane and get hit by the heat of the Philippines, or when I turn on the water for my first cold shower. Right now I am getting excited about going back. So much of missionary life is simply everyday life, taking care of

8 Years

Last night Christine and I celebrated our eighth year of marriage. We went to the Candlelight Inn in Catonsville, MD. This is not only a great place for a fine meal, this is where we were married on that Summer day eight years ago. The ceremony was held in their covered deck, and the reception was inside the restaurant. I seem to remember that it was one of the hottest days of that Summer. Please continue to pray for Christine and I and our family as we continue serving the Lord wherever He leads. I could not do this without her. I am so glad I am not without her

Calvary International HQ

Chris and I spent the morning meeting with the leadership of Calvary International at their world headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. This is yet another reminder of why choosing Calvary as a missions sending agency was truly a godly decision. We are so blessed to be a part of a such a supportive missionary agency. We met with Tim and Nancy Lovelace, the Vice-presidents of Field Ministries. They were so encouraging and spoke blessings into our lives. We also benefited from their wisdom through their many years on the mission field. We then had lunch with the founder of Calvary International, Pastor Daniel Williams of Christ the Redeemer Church. Pastor David Sheffield also joined us. We were so blessed by them, their wisdom and encouragement (kudos to Lulu's for a great lunch!). We then had dinner and an evening of fun with other Calvary International missionaries. I am so blessed to be a part of a community of faith such as this. I am blessed to be with Calvary. There are s

My Wonderful Mom

We are spending a week with my Mom at her home in Florida. We are having a great time. My Mom is a gem, and the kids really love her. We also get to spend some quality time with my friend Jason and his family. Jason (Jack) and I have known each other since we were six, a very long time. They always bless us when we get together. They just got back from Australia, and they are seriously considering visiting us in Iloilo next year. Several friends have expressed a sincere desire to visit us in the Philippines, just like the Capones did in July. I am so blessed that these are even considering coming to our side of the world. My prayer is that they would put feet to this talk and make the huge step of faith, get out of the boat, and see how the Lord can make them walk on water.