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This Looks Promising

I saw this posted on a Filipino Job website: No word as to when, but I will keep my eyes open for this. I know I speak for many missionaries here in Iloilo, this would be a very welcome addition to our city.

Fragile Marriage

Last Sunday at Victory Christian Fellowship here in Iloilo Pastor Bong completed the preaching series on love. His series culminated with a repeating of the vows ceremony. Many couples from the church, including Chris and I, reaffirmed our marriages. Marriage can be a fragile thing. If you treat it lightly, tossing it around like a football, it can become weaker and you can strain the bonds that keep it together. However, if you treat marriage like it is a fragile thing, caring for it, not taking it for granted, treating it gently, like it is a delicate, fragile thing, then it will not become that--something fragile--but rather it will become stronger, something that will stand the test of time.