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Coming to America

We are coming to America! We will be there on August 12, we will be in-country for just four nights. So to our American friends and family, we will be in your country soon. So if you want to meet up with us, let us know. You will need to go to Guam to meet us. Yes, the Territory of Guam is officially part of of the United States. And this little bit of America is just three hours away. We have two more short term teams coming, and then after that we will take some family vacation time in Guam. We are looking forward to getting away and having fun, and also for Chris and the kids, they need to get out of the country for visa purposes. We are told that being in Guam is like being in Florida or Southern California, it is a modern American place. It even has the world's biggest K-Mart. Chip, a brother and friend of mine asked, "Is that a reason to visit Guam, or is that a reason to stay away?" So to all our American friends and family, we look forward to being in t


We don't have water. OK, we do have drinking water, and also electricity, our cable TV is working, and even our Internet connection is up, but we don't have water. The pump on our well is broken, and our tank is empty. We put our dinner dishes in the oven so the ants would not feast on our dirty plates. We are getting a new pump tomorrow, and it should be in place and operational by noon, but until then we can't flush toilets or take showers, or do the dishes. But I can still check my email and watch ESPN (doing that as I write this). I am also taking an "air conditioning bath," that is the false sense of feeling clean when you are cool and dry. I am thankful for that. We also went to the campus pool after dinner to get clean, but we did not bring soap and shampoo.

Find me Here

When I am not traveling to Bible schools , when I am not doing Summer Camp , when I am not swimming with my family, most days will find me here: This was my workplace in "Nevada" last month:

Summer is Over

Our summer started in April with Summer Camp. Eric and Faith got to be campers again. I also took a trip to Cambodia and Nevada. Then we had teams from Christ for the Nations Institute to help with Summer Camp--we even took the street kids to Mcdonald's. Then another CFNI team was here to conduct a youth crusade called YFN . Many long, hot days--doing camp everyday, and youth crusades every night this passed week. It is all finally over. While we were loving every minute, it is nice to have this time of no activity and rest. Things start back up again shortly. Preschool is starting its fourth school year, and we also have more teams visiting in July.