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New Bear

Took Faithy to the Build-a-Bear Workshop. She got a gift card for this place for Christmas. In honor of her new baby brother, she chose to make a baby bear.


Still enjoying Great Wolf Lodge. Today we took a side trip to Jamestown.

Great Wolf Lodge

It's vacation time with our family here in Maryland. We are at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA, a unique family hotel/resort that has it's own indoor water park.

Peppermint Patty Brownies.

There is nothing quite like this very rich and tasty treat. We enjoyed dinner with our long-time friends, Ben and Lisa Wible and their kids this night. Lisa remembered how much we loved her famous brownies--with York Peppermint Patties baked right in, so she made us a batch for us to enjoy for dessert after a wonderful dinner. She even gave us the uneaten rest to take home. So how about some peppermint patty brownies for breakfast? This is the best part of being back in Maryland--getting together with family and friends whom we miss so much.

Danny's World Gets a Little Bigger

Now three Anasco kids have used this high chair
PGG Someone synthesized the message I shared yesterday morning at Christ Community Worship Center as PGG, meaning PRAY GO GIVE. This was the challenge of my message yesterday morning concerning missions and the work of the world harvest, that all believers should do their part by either praying for missionaries, going on missions, and also making a financial investment into world missions. It was a true blessing to share on Sunday morning at CCWC. This is also the church of my good friend, brother, and fellow missionary Jimmy Capone . The senior pastor is a Dr. Jim Burck. He and his wife Pat are a huge blessing to me personally and to us as a family. I have always felt it necessary to maintain mentoring relationships with those who are more experienced in ministry. I am thankful to count Dr. Burck as one of my mentors. He has blessed me with his time, wisdom, and counsel. My message this Sunday can be summed up with the very wise and challenging words of J. Hudson Taylor : &quo
It is still way too cold here in Maryland, but we are enjoying our time here nonetheless. Just me and my grandpa. This is fun. The finished product.
We have gone from the somewhat cold Florida to the now freezing Maryland. As detailed in this post , one of the things we miss the most is a public library. We arrived here in MD on late Tuesday night. First thing Wednesday we went to the Central Library here in Columbia, MD. It is amazing to have such a resource available. Free, public libraries--I am not sure if such things exist in the Philippines. We will probably go at least once week.