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Danny is Three!!!

It is hard to believe that three years ago Danny was born. We celebrated his third birthday with gifts, cake, ice cream, good friends and family, and swimming at our pool. 

Jack is Back!

Jack is back! I have known Jason Branch (I call him Jack) since we were six years old. He and his family arrived this morning for their THIRD missions trip here! Not wasting any time we got right to work doing ministry at the Sonshine Center. It is always a blessing to have people come and visit, especially if they are some of our best of friends.

He Loves this Stuff

This kind of reminds me of movie Ice Age where the little squirrel is in heaven with the world's biggest acorn.  Yakult , Danny and the kids love this stuff. Chris and Danny saw this today while shopping at the Atrium.

Stay Home

Top Ten Reasons You Should NOT go on a Short Term Missions Trip: 10. It will make you uncomfortable. The other side of the world is a weird place, different languages, different smells (some of them really bad). 9. There will be sorrow. When you see true poverty and dire need with your own eyes, it can be radically depressing. 8. This will not be a vacation. You have precious few vacation days at your job. Why spend them going to some poor, third world country? 7. It's not your calling, when Jesus gave the Great Commission He was not talking about you. 6. The food is weird--and you are a meat and potatoes guy. 5. Two words, JET LAG. 4. You might be moved by what you see so much so that you will want to start giving to missions and missionaries, and with the current economy can you really afford that? 3. You will be used. No one likes to be used. 2. You will probably want to do it again, and if you keep making these kinds of trips, it might

Amazing Hong Kong

Over the weekend we took a family vacation to the amazing island city of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is just a two hour flight from Manila. It is hard to describe this incredible city without the use of superlatives. We stayed at the YMCA Salisbury hotel and we were blessed with a free room upgrade. Our room was huge, Danny enjoys the view from our Harbour Suite: We also spent the day at Ocean Park, a great family destination with theme park rides, dolphin shows, and other great attractions. There was a three story coral reef aquarium with amazing sea life. This guy looks familiar: My favorite part of Ocean Park was the panda exhibit. They had red pandas and two giant pandas. The trip paid for itself in that when we returned we all received a free one year visa. I mentioned earlier in this blog, we usually have to renew our visas every two months (and this is not cheap). When we returned to the Philippines the Lord gave us incredible favor and we were all blessed with what they call the Bali