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from . . . "Viral gastroenteritis -- often called the "stomach flu" but not caused by the influenza family of viruses -- is an inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract (the stomach and small and large intestines) that results from an infection with one of a multitude of viruses. Common symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting." This is how I spent Christmas Day, feeling much better now. Chris even saved me a turkey leg, she is the best.


Yet Another Filipino Christmas Our holiday festivities began with a special luncheon for the street kid moms who help out with the Scholarship Program and who also atten the Mom's Bible Study. My mom was the guest speaker, giving the exhortation. This is our second Filipino Christmas. It has been a fun time of parties, gifts, and cooler weather. Next year we will be in the States for the holidays. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

Mom is here!

Arrived safely this morning. She will be here for two weeks.
Going back in February. PRAY.

Best Friends

Something pretty amazing has happened. Eric and Faith have become best friends. Every afternoon they play together for hours. Now Faith just loves to be with Eric, and so she does whatever he does. She has become very good at making spaceships and robots with Legos. They play together so well, like they are best friends. For both Chris and I, and also for the kids, the hardest part of leaving the States was leaving our friends and family. We are blessed with family and good friends here. We still miss our loved ones in the States. Some have even made the journey here, like Jimmy and Beth Capone , and my mother will be here this Saturday and will stay for Christmas. We were worried about Eric and Faith finding friends here in the Philippines. I am so glad they have found a best friend in each other.

There are times . . .

when I really miss being in the States. Right now in Maryland the weather is getting very cold, and there might be snow in the forecast. I miss the smells of winter and the cool crisp air. I also miss the first world comforts that I have taken for granted for so many years. In that regard, I miss how most first world countries are usually much cleaner. I also miss living and working in a temperature controlled environment, where I am hardly every sticky with sweat or humidity. Also the Filipino way of doing things is different--not necessarily better or worse, just different. I guess I will go through this all throughout my missionary career. While Iloilo is my home, I still feel like a foreigner. While I love my life here, I am still a citizen of two worlds, calling two VERY different places home.

Great Expectations

Praise the Lord, Chris is pregnant. The baby is due July 29, 2006. This will be our first baby born on the mission field, right here in Iloilo. We are very excited, especially Eric and Faith, they are looking forward to meeting their new baby brother or sister. Thank you all for your continued prayers.