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Today myself and a group of visiting missionaries visited three places that I wish did not exist in this world. And yet, these places do exist, and many more. We went to squatter areas, where the poorest of the poor live, day in, and day out. The toughest place to visit is the city dump site. The smells and the garbage is overwhelming, and to think that people actually live in such a place. For some of our visiting missionaries, this was their first time to see such places. One guy kept saying over and over, "I can't believe people actually live in this place, if I spent too much time thinking about it, I would probably break down crying, and you would have to carry me home." I have been to the city dump site many times over the years, and it still overwhelms me. Even today I almost lost my lunch several times.

Thirty People

We had over thirty people in our house this evening. A team from Christ for the Nations Institute , a Bible school in Dallas, TX, is here to conduct a YFN , a youth crusade and camp in Iloilo, the first time they have ever held this event in the Philippines. Over thirty people and twenty pizzas in my house, pretty cool.

Sad History

While I was in Cambodia last week I toured Tuol Sleng Museum . I honestly don't know that much about recent Cambodian history and the reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. This was a very stark and almost overwhelming history lesson on those dark times.

Back in the Philippines

I am now in the Philippines, and it is so good to be back in a free and open society. In Nevada we have to watch what we say in our hotel and at places we eat. Having to watch out for the secret police and such can get heavy and is no fun. I get tired of it quickly. We had a prayer meeting in one of our hotel rooms. We had to unplug the phone from the wall and someone had to watch the door just in case. Honestly I am angered and sickened that we have to do all this sneaking around. It burns me even more that we had to cancel our graduation because of recent crackdowns on the believers here. However, we were able to complete all the teaching, and now almost fifty new leaders and workers for the church in Nevada are trained. Some will start their own churches in their villages, and some will help existing works. At the same time it is always a true pleasure to meet believers and missionaries who live and work in Nevada. The strength of their faith is an example to all believers.

Think, Think, Think

Still in Nevada, will leave for the Philippines tomorrow. Get on your kn33s, especially for Leader M and the students here. There has been a crackdown, graduation was canceled. As far as I know, all are well and safe, but do keep us and especially the Nevadans in your thoughts. I will write no more until I get back to the Philippines. The devil's mad and I'm glad.

Back in Nevada

. . . like I never even left. Enjoying free wireless and great tea at the cafe run by "friends" here in Nevada. All is well. Fortunately the flight was not like the last one--no roller coaster, no ralphing. Please continue to callous your knees for my Nevada visit.

Seen at the airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

. . . and yes, I had me a Blizzard. Sitting here waiting for my flight to Nevada, enjoying the wireless Internet at the airport.

Day Two, Cambodia

Today is graduation for Calvary Bible Institute (CBI), Cambodia. Almost seventy current and future church leaders were graduated. CBI graduates, history makers, world changers. New Life Church in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Day One, Cambodia

Yes, I can openly declare that I am in Cambodia since I am not in a restricted access country. The Kingdom of Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy, with a reigning King and a Prime Minister. The churches here are open and free to worship as they please. I am in the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. I am here to film and assist with the Calvary Bible Institute graduation. I am working with veteran Calvary International missionaries Bruce and Emma Behnken. There will be about 80 graduates. I don't like roller coasters. I never really did enjoy these vomit inducing rides, and now that I have gotten older, I stay away from them. Unfortunately my flight from "Nevada" to here was quite the coaster. It is rainy season in this part of the world. It was a pretty rough ride. Plus my plane was actually not much more than a puddle jumper, it even had propellors instead of jet engines. Fortunately the flight was only 50 minutes long. I managed to hold my lunch while on th

From "Nevada"

The airport here in Nevada has wireless Internet, I am in transit to another country--just passing through. I will return to Nevada on Friday. All is well here, but the weather is very stormy. I am told this is the monsoon season here. I know many of you are thinking for me and for this trip, thank you so much, always the difference maker. a little bit later . . . My typing was interrupted when an airport transfer agent called my name. We had to go down to the baggage claim area and find my one piece of checked luggage, it is now tagged for my final destination, and all is well. I am now sitting in the departure lounge waiting for my last flight of the day, leaving in about an hour. I miss my wife and kids.