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Another Week, Another Camp

Another week, another city at another camp, this time Bacolod on a nearby island. Our family loves this camp because our kids get to be campers and they always have a great time. Also for some reason Bacolod, and not the larger city of Iloilo, has a Starbucks. So we made a trip one night to enjoy some lattes and frapuccinos.

Next Camp, Antique

This week we did Summer camp with Good News Church in San Jose in the nearby province of Antique. We traveled by bus for about two hours, and had to cross over a small mountain range. We had about 100 kids at this camp. Here at Antique I realized once again that when you are a blessing, you are even more blessed in return. We think that we are the ones being a blessing, sharing games, skits, songs, crafts, etc. with these kids, when actually we are the ones being blessed also. San Jose is a pretty small town, and it makes Iloilo looks like a big metropolis. Also our conditions were a little bit rough--taking bucket baths and sleeping on the cement floor. Our hosts were more than gracious, making us feel welcome and feeding us way too much--we ate rice and fish each day, very good.  Eric and I joined the Camp Sonshine team for this camp. He always says he is not a future missionary, he is a missionary now. He helped out the activity counselors with their games. He told me he really enjo

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was celebrated in the usual way here at our house in Iloilo. We started the morning with an Easter egg hunt, the kids also got gifts, and then we went to church. Afterward Lola took us out to Sbarro's for lunch.

Balaan Bukid, Guimaras

This being Maundy Thursday we decided to join the pilgrims here in Iloilo and visit the Balaan Bukid on the nearby island of Guimaras. The hike details the stations of the cross, with the culmination of large cross on the highest point on the island. Afterwards we swam at the nearby Alubihod Beach. It was a perfect day to hike to the cross and then also to enjoy some sun and surf.

More to Come

The first of the many summer camps for this the tenth Summer of Camp Sonshine Philippines has completed. Our first camp was with our own street children here at the Sonshine Center. We had nearly 200 kids. Again, this was the first of many camps we will be doing this summer, more to come . . .

Starts Tomorrow

The tenth summer of Camp Sonshine here in the Philippines officially starts tomorrow.