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Mac Doc

My Powerbook Pismo needed a new screen. I got one off of Ebay, but I did not trust myself enough to do the actual repair job. Fortunately my great friend and true brother, Steve, has already traveled the road of Pismo repair. The finished product, booted up just fine. Thanks so much, Steve, you DA (Mac) MAN!

Happy Birthday Eric!!

Nine years ago today Eric was born. We celebrated this event with a birthday party sleepover. We invited some of his best friends over, enjoyed Ledo's Pizza and cupcakes and ice cream. The kids went to bed around 11:00 PM and work up around 7:30 AM, not too bad. Chris made pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Newest in the Family

Marisa Lynn Otero, the second child Patty and Tony Otero, was born on January 23rd at around 9:00 PM. Patty is Chris' sister, and so Eric, Faith, and Danny have a new cousin, and Chris and I have a new niece. Praise the Lord for this precious new life.

March for Life 2007

Today I attended the annual March for Life. More pictures can be found here .

Answer to Prayer

Honestly we have been praying for snow these last few weeks--hoping we could see some before we went back to or tropical home of the Philippines. We have not seen the white stuff for three years. Today we got to see an answer to that simple prayer.

Danny's Dedication

On this day we dedicated our precious Daniel Patrick to the Lord at Christ's Community Worship Center. Here his Godfather, Jimmy Capone, is saying a prayer over him. We were blessed to be joined by many family and friends. "Those who know the Lord will be strong and do mighty exploits [for Him]." Daniel 11:32

The Best Pizza?

Some have said that Ledo's Pizza is the best pizza made, and I would be hard pressed to disagree. While I am still a big fan of deep dish Chicago style pizza, Ledo's has it's own unique taste, especially their signature sauce. Every time we come back to the States our tradition is to meet with Gale and Joyce Wallace at the Ledo's on Randolph Rd. and New Hampshire Ave, and last night for dinner we continued that tradition. They are such a blessing and encouragement to us and our family.

Back to Philly

Eric cried when his Eagles lost to the Saints. He was really disappointed. He is still somewhat hopeful that the Colts will beat the Patriots next week and Peyton Manning will finally get to the Super Bowl. We are very much enjoying watching the NFL playoffs on this side of the world. No need to stay up until 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM to watch the games.


Your whole season comes down to this. Of course Eric is a happy fan since his Eagles won their playoff game vs. the Giants. They play the Saints next weekend.