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Equipping Equippers

No we did not relocate

Big Summer then Back to Thailand

You may have seen on social media, or heard through the grapevine, our family had a pretty big summer. On June 6 our oldest daughter, Faith, got married. She is now Mrs. Steven Shanen! They were wed in Santa Barbara, CA. Even with world wide travel so impacted due to the current medical crisis, our whole family (and many extended family) was able to join this blessed event.  Our summer continued with us enjoying ti

Mrs. CRICS has a 4.0

The whole family was able to gather to celebrate Chris' significant achievement. We are so proud of her. Congratulations to Christine Anasco and the class of 2021! We are pleased to announce that Chris has achieve

Father (and Mother) of the Bride

Coming soon, Summer 2021 . . .