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Showing posts from July, 2005

Powerbook Heaven

I have been so blessed with a brand new Apple Powerbook. I am in Powerbook Heaven. It is a sleek and thin aluminum machine. The screen is a very wide 15". The keyboard is backlit so the letters light up when it gets dark, like the buttons on a cellphone. Once again I see how the Lord always gives us the tools we need to succeed. My other Powerbook is over five years old, and is still running strong. Chris is now using it for email and Internet. We decided to upgrade my computer for movie making and graphics. I fully anticipate to get at least four years out of this new computer before I even think about upgrading again. Thank you, Lord, for Your provision. What a blessing.

Camp Sonshine Maryland

Spent the morning visiting friends at the big Camp, Camp Sonshine Maryland in Silver Spring. Our camp in the Philippines is the first international extension of the Camp Sonshine ministry. Camp Sonshine MD is soooooo huge, with over 250 staff, and too many kids to count. My first summer there were only about 50 staf and about 200 campers total. Needless to say my first summer was a looooooong time ago. I must admit I kind of like the simplicity of Camp Sonshine Philippines. Our camp is so much smaller and I feel that all staff have more contact with the kids. Either way I am blessed to be a part of Camp Sonshine again. This last summer was my ninth summer with Camp Sonshine.


I found out that several people have been keeping up with this blog and they are wondering why I have not been posting for so many weeks. I apologize for neglecting this blog and I will try and keep this more up to date. Thanks for reading. It is an encouragement to me to see that so many are interested in our family and our ministry. God bless you all.