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We Will Always Be Teachers

Some of you may know that when Chris and I were first married, we were teachers. We both worked in the public schools and in the private schools teaching third grade and preschool (Chris), and teaching middle school and computers (yours truly). This week we continued our teaching careers. Chris taught the parents of our Sonshine Center kids at their breakaway service. She spoke on the power their words have on their children. I taught the FUEL.PH crew on hermeneutics.  Going back to our roots: If you haven't yet been to FUEL , you really need to check out this place. Believe it or not, theological topics like hermeneutics are actually quite fascinating. She don't need no translator--Chris taught most of her lesson in Ilonggo. There is no time like the present.  Chris had the parents write positive and encouraging words for each of their kids so they could begin putting this lesson into practice right away.