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13 Years!!!

On January 27, 1998 Eric Joseph Anasco II was born. He is named in memory of my brother, who was tragically killed in an auto accident on March 28, 1995 . My son is now a teenager. He is growing into a true man of God, full of integrity and honesty. He is an amazing son, and we are so blessed to welcome him into his teen years. . . . it doesn't seem so long ago.

Can it Really Be this Cold in the Philippines?

We enjoyed two days in Tagaytay, Philippines, staying on Taal Lake overlooking the still active Taal Volcano. I have never been this cold in the Philippines. The winds were very strong, and the temps dipped down into the low 60s. We were freezing. However, the place was beautiful and we had a refreshing time.

Raise Up Ministers and Ministry Will Follow

So it begins again. This will be our third internship here in Iloilo. This is our third amazing opportunity to train future full time missionaries. This is our third opportunity to host yet another group of amazing individuals, ready and eager to change this world for Christ. "Raise up ministers and ministry will follow." These are the very wise words of the Go To Nations Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Craig Kuehn. His words capture the heart and purpose of our internship. The interns are not here just do ministry with kids, conduct medical outreaches, preach in churches, teach in a Bible school, learn HOW to learn a foreign language--the list goes on and on. Yes, they will get an opportunity to do all of those things and more. However, the primary purpose is for their lives to be changed, for their faith to be stretched, for them to learn and grow and do things they did not think they could ever do. And when you focus on the individual, when you give them the reso