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Changing Lives Who Will Change Nations

You may recall we have been directing missionary internships for 15 years. We recently completed the first ever Go To Nations (GTN) Timothy Internship Program in the United States (Jacksonville, FL). Five new missionaries were equipped and empowered, they have been filled up and are ready to be sent out!


Send More Workers, Lord! Go To Nations has a proven equipping track that has been empowering new missionaries to go to the nations (see what I did there?) since the 1980's. Dave and I have been a part of serving with the Equipping Division for the past 15 years. 

We Know Where We Are Going

Go To Nations is expanding! Where we have been: Go To Nations was established in 1981, since then our missionaries have served in over 100 nations, trained over 3,000 laborers, and seen over 2 million documented decisions for Christ. Where we are going: