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Changing Lives Who Will Change Nations

You may recall we have been directing missionary internships for 15 years. We recently completed the first ever Go To Nations (GTN) Timothy Internship Program in the United States (Jacksonville, FL). Five new missionaries were equipped and empowered, they have been filled up and are ready to be sent out!
Our calling is to nurture and prepare all believers to do their own works of ministry, and as we do this, we will enlarge and build the body of Christ.
Philippians 4:12
The first day, Chris teaches the interns about what to expect over the next 9 weeks. Our internship is very much like a boot camp.
Hands on learning- equipping beyond the classroom. Here interns learn about aquaponics at Eden Gardens Farm as a part of the Community Development module.
Outreaches, outreaches, and more outreaches- each week the interns were in the community serving in area churches, ministering to children, helping with community feeding programs, doing street evangelism, and so much more.
The interns were impacted by regular impartation from Go To Nations leadership like our president Dr. Jerry Williamson.
Breaking and breakthrough- much of the internship is spent learning AND unlearning, laying aside mindsets and emotional and spiritual baggage so that they can be more impactful on the mission field.
Jose (pictured above with Dave) was an intern a year ago, and now he is an internship leader. He will one day direct his own internship in Latin America. He is a "Leatherman Super Tool" (the gift he happens to be holding) in the hand of God, a man of many talents, an amazing servant leader! GTN is always generational, raising up future leaders.


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