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Lasting Impact

Today we said goodbye to Jimmy and Beth, and their team from Christ’s Community Worship Center. They had a challenging and blessed time of ministry. We ministered in the remote mountain village of Alibunan, we shared God’s love with the street children of Iloilo at the Sonshine Center, they also traveled to nearby Bacolod and preached on the radio, ministered at an orphanage, and preached on Sunday morning. They have just left, but their impact will be far reaching and long lasting. You never know what kind of seeds are planted in the hearts of those you minister to. All we can do is be obedient to the call, and just go when the Lord says “go.” Pictures of their trip can be found here . For those of you who have yet to make a trip to the other side of the world, I ask again “Why not you?” When are we going to read about your missions adventures and see your pictures on this blog?

City of Smiles

Jimmy, Beth and their team are wrapping up their short term missions trip here in the Philippines. We spent this weekend on the nearby island of Negros in the city of Bacolod (a.k.a "City of Smiles"). We did a weekend of ministry with my great friend and mentor, Pastor Chaz Yandall. We helped with his radio show, we ministered at an orphanage and we also helped out with his church on Sunday morning.

The Big One

Has it really been a whole year? Today was a blessed day indeed, we celebrated Danny’s first birthday. We had a pool party and cake and ice cream with family and friends here in Iloilo. Also our good friends and also Danny’s godparents, Jimmy and Beth Capone were here to celebrate. As you may recall they were here this time last year . Danny is an incredible little boy. He is such a blessing to all who know him. Thanks to all who celebrated this day with us, and also thanks to family and friends who sent him presents and cards. More pictures can be found here .

Back Again

This marks the third summer in a row that Jimmy and Beth Capone have come on a short term missions trip to the Philippines. Last year they brought their girls Natalie and Julianna, and two from their church, Chris and Lauren. The whole brood came again this summer, along with another team member, Sara. They hit the ground running, after landing in Iloilo Sunday morning, we left for the mountains to hold a mini-camp in Alibunan. We played games, did crafts, and loved on about a hundred kids. Then we swam in the river located in a valley between two mountains. We roasted hot dogs for dinner and had s’mores for dessert. Then we all tried to get some sleep. Up in the mountains life is pretty simple, they just got electricity a few years ago. We slept in a small, bamboo hut. Unfortunately we all woke up when the first roosters started crowing around 4:00 AM. Also since we were in the mountains it was actually somewhat cold. We went back into Iloilo City early Monday morning. We have a full


Dude, what the heck? I am not sure why this is on TV, darts? This is on one of our sports channels on our cable network. Yes, they are showing darts. Look closely, there is actually a crowd behind the guy watching. I assume they are drinking.