Thursday, October 27, 2011

Changing Lives Who Will Change Nations

People ask us what is our main job or ministry on the mission field. My answer, developing leaders. Training up the next generation of missionaries.

Last week we had an incredible opportunity to train twenty one Filipino missionaries.

In order to become a full-time missionary with our agency, you must first complete Missionary Preparation Orientation at the Go To Nations world headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. Chris and I completed this training back in 2003.

This week Go To Nations held their first ever Missionary Preparation Orientation outside of their world headquarters, actually their first ever orientation outside of the United States. At the Sonshine Center, here in Iloilo, we held Missionary (Affiliate) Preparation Orientation with twenty one candidates.

Cities, regions, nations and continents were represented by this class. I believe history was made this week. I also believe that this will be the first of many such missionary trainings to come.

For decades missionary work has been poured into the Philippines. Now I see God is getting a return on that investment with Filipinos becoming full time missionaries to other nations.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Give Unto Caesar What is Caesar's

"You mean the Filipino government doesn't give you a free visa to stay here and do missionary work, you actually have to PAY the government to remain in the Philippines, even though you are ministering to Filipinos?"

Incredulously this question was posed to my wife by a local pastor's wife. She couldn't believe that we had to pay the Filipino government visa fees to stay in the country to do missionary work.

Actually it costs around $1,000 a year for a single missionary to remain in the Philippines, even though they are here to do missionary work. It's just part of the cost of doing missions. So do the math, there are six of us in our family--no small amount.

Jesus did say, "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's."

We recently had a major miracle with our visa status. We received a heritage visa, reserved for the children and grand children of Filipinos who come back to the Philippines to visit. Because of my Filipino parents and grand parents, my family and I received this heritage visa.

This amazing act of God's favor is saving our family around $6,000. We can now remain in the Philippines without having to renew visas for this year.

No matter what, we fully expected God to provide, as He always has. He would either give us the finances needed to "give unto Caesar," or we would be blessed with heritage visa status. Either way, it is the Lord Who provides, as He always does, as He always will.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just Getting Started

This picture was taken on this date seven years ago, here is Eric and Faith, watching a Veggie Tales DVD on my Powerbook at LAX.

We are getting ready to take our Air China flight across the Pacific Ocean and begin our full-time missionary career.

Seven years (and two more kids) later, we are still serving in Asia. This continues to be an amazing adventure.

We are about to make a similar journey.  

Our flight plan:
Tuesday October 4
Baltimore-Washington International to Pearson International (Toronto)
Air Canada flight 7927 departing 6:30a arriving 8:12a

Pearson International to Hong Kong
Air Canada flight 15 departing 10a arriving 1:15p Wednesday October 5.

Hong Kong to Manila
Cebu Pacific flight 119 departing 7:30p arriving 9:30p

Overnight in Manila

Thursday October 6, Manila to Iloilo
Cebu Pacific flight 457 departing 4:50p arriving 5:15p

Please bathe our travels in prayer. We are hoping for peaceful and uneventful travels at all points. Please also pray for a quick transition to back to life in Iloilo.