Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old Friends and the gifts they are (and the gifts they bring).

I have known Mike Charbonneau for about 15 years. We have this connection through Camp Sonshine, having worked together there for so many summers. We here in the Philippines were so blessed to have him come visit us. Mike continues to minister at Camp Sonshine as the Director of Camp Sonshine West (Germantown, MD). He continues to mentor, train, and impact counselors so they can continue to mentor, train, and impact the lives of campers.

He came bearing gifts for all, much needed sound equipment for the Center, goodies and treats, and new Camp Sonshine backpacks. The greatest gift he brought was his coming. It was great to sit and talk with a friend I have known for so long, remembering Camp Sonshine of many years ago, talking about old times, and also talking about new times. He truly spoke into my life, encouraging me and recharging my batteries.

Mike, thanks for making the trip. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. Thanks for giving of your time and finances to come to the Philippines. I pray God's richest blessings on you and your wife, Natalie, and your continued ministry at Camp Sonshine USA. Your impact zone reaches to the other side of the world, and God will reward your richly for your willingness.

Kag salamat gid para sang iPod.

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  1. Neat! My friend Mike was there. I'm sure he was such a blessing to have around. So fun and talented and great to be around. I learned SO much from him and miss seeing him every thursday night :-(