Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Brother

First we had my buddy Jason and his family here during the first part of July, then we had the return of Jessica, then we had a team from Christ Community Worship Center church here for two weeks, then we had our third child, Daniel. It was a very busy July.

The CCWC team was lead by Jimmy and Beth Capone. Jimmy is a true brother. They cam last summer for a short-term trip. This summer they brought a team from their church, including their daughters, Natalie and Julianna (Eric and Faith loved seeing their dear friends again). Jimmy and Beth are also Daniel's Godparents, and I am so blessed they were able to see their Godson while they were in-country.

Jimmy--I am blessed to count you as a true brother and co-labor with you in Christ's vineyard. You are a steadfast source of encouragement and blessing. Thank you so much for once again coming to the other side of the world. You are a missionary to me. Dave


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