Saturday, April 21, 2007

From Chris

On Friday I, Chris, was riding on a Jeepney near our home and saw a woman with her baby. Dark-skinned with curly hair, she stood out as one of the Ati people. The Ati’s are a nomadic people that come into the city on occasion to look for work or beg. According to some of our friends here, the Ati people are even more discriminated against than the “normal” street beggars, so I knew as I looked at her that her life was not an easy one. As the jeepney drove past her, I felt a profound sadness, not totally for her though; more so for me, because I realized as the jeepney rolled along that I would go on with my day and probably not even remember her. And so I did.

Thankfully though, I was forced to go in the same direction later that same day and when I did, I remembered her, but she was gone. In her place, I saw 3 Ati children and I figured they were probably part of the same family. This time I was determined not to just go about my day and forget them. The jeepney moved on, but my thoughts did not.

When I returned home from my errand, I told Dave and the kids about the family that I had seen. Faith and I decided to gather some food and toys and take it to the place where I had seen them. We found the family and were able to give them something, but it seemed like so little afterwards. Now all we can do is pray--which is why I think we crossed paths, why my heart was stirred, why I remembered.


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