Monday, March 17, 2008


April 1 (this is not joke)
Air Philippines flight 2P 990, Iloilo to Manila
leaves at 2:20 PM arrives at 3:25 PM
Continental Flight 934 Manila to Guam 
leaves at 10:55 PM arrives at 4:30 AM April 2nd

April 2
Continental Flight 2, Guam to Honolulu 
leaves at 6:25 AM arrives at 5:30 PM April 1
You read right, we arrive in Honolulu on the first of April, going back in time.  We overnight in Hawaii.

April 2 (again)
Continental  Flight 72, Honolulu to Houston 
leaves at 9:10 PM arrives at 9:55 AM April 3

April 3
Continental Flight 226, Houston to BWI 
leaves at 10:40 AM arrives at 2:14 PM

We decided to break things up this time around rather than go with our usual polar route. As of this posting, we have about two weeks until we leave. Please pray for safe travels.


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