Sunday, June 22, 2008

Almost Home AND Google Earth Updated Pics

We have spent the last three weeks on the road, traveling from Maryland to Florida and back, with a rest stop in Myrtle Beach. I am always amazed at how big the United States of America is. It is a big, beautiful country, blessed with so much. We do not have a car in Iloilo, we make do with walking and public transportation, so driving here in the States has been fun, even the eight hour road trips on interstate 95.

We have about three weeks left (see the countdown widget to the right). Honestly I am anxious for my home. Google Earth has recently updated its maps with high resolution pictures of the Philippines. Here is our house in Iloilo:

Those of you who have visited us will remember that we live on a college campus. My great-grandfather founded the Iloilo Maritime Academy. From those humble beginnings it has now grown into the John B. Lacson Maritime University. Living on campus also gives us the luxury of access to the university swimming pool, a great way to beat the heat in the tropics. Here is our house in relation to the Sonshine Center:

just about a ten minute walk away. Of course, on really hot days (like nearly everyday) that ten minute walk can seem pretty rough so we take public transportation (jeepneys).

So as our American sojourn comes to a close, my thoughts turn toward our Filipino home. I am looking forward to returning, in just about three weeks.


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