Sunday, June 29, 2008

Iloilo Typhoon Update Number Five

The United States Navy has arrived in Iloilo to help the entire island of Panay in recovering from the typhoon. Here are some news excerpts from The News Today:

"Typhoon victims isolated from ongoing relief operations finally got some much-awaited relief goods with yesterday's distribution made by Americans soldiers. Two government hospitals in Iloilo heavily damaged by the flood also got assistance with the generator sets brought here."

"Yesterday, US Navy helicopters which came from the USS Ronald Reagan arrived at the Iloilo Airport bringing with them gallons of purified water for the typhoon victims in Aklan. The city is also expected to receive relief goods from the US government. Further, the US Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will be providing P4 Million ($100,000.00) worth of essential relief goods through the Philippine National Red Cross, for immediate distribution in the most severely affected areas."

Here are soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines working with sailors of the US Navy unloading purified water for Iloilo typhoon victims. Aquafina anyone?

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Wow, Dave, I wasn't even aware that this typhoon had been in Iloilo. I'm sure it only increases the urge for you guys to be back home there. I'm glad to see that the Sonshine Center and your home weathered the storm fine.