Friday, October 09, 2009

Typhoon Aftermath

Many people have contacted us asking about the recent typhoons that have hit this part of the world. We appreciate all the concern. Fortunately for us the typhoons have avoided our area. We get rain and winds, but nothing major, nor flooding, etc. Unfortunately our missionary family in Manila has not been so fortunate. 

A few days ago a typhoon slammed into Manila dumping a month's worth of rain in less than six hours. Many of our fellow Calvary International missionaries live in one of the hardest hit areas. The rains caused severe flooding, several feet deep. For many the entire first floor of their homes was destroyed. Many of these missionaries saw their possessions, appliances, household goods, and even vehicles, swept away, ruined by the waters. One of our pastors had to spend the night on the roof of his home.

Fellow Calvary missionary, Mike Kelly, and I spent several days in Manila to help with the cleanup. We had also raised a significant amount of cash donations to give to those hardest hit by this typhoon. I had never done any kind of disaster relief work before. It was truly awful and heartbreaking to see the damage. 

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  1. Dear Chris and Dave!

    What good news, congratulations on the new baby. I pray that He who holds the Universe in his Hand will continue to form and complete creation within your womb, Psm 139. May he also continue to bring healing to the lands that are flooded.Thanks for ALL you do! Bless you!