Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Internship, and Saying Goodbye

The internship continues to be an incredible time of impartation and ministry. We ministered at a prison and a house church. Praise the Lord, several people made decisions for Christ at the house church!

We have also been blessed to have our Vice-president of Field Ministries, Tim Lovelace, here in Iloilo. He has been teaching internship classes and imparting blessing and vision into the lives of all of us here in Iloilo. We are sad to see him go, knowing that when he comes he is always a huge blessing. To send him off in grand style we did karaoke at a local KTV club:


  1. What!? Pastor Chris singing karaoke? When he went with us he only watched us sing. Secret is out. Busted!

  2. Indeed, Anna. Now we know of Pastor Chris' secret aspirations!