Thursday, February 18, 2010

From Bible School Students to Bible School Teachers

There are times when you are the one being fed, and there are times when you are the one doing the feeding. Our current batch of interns are all from Christ for the Nations Institute, a Bible school in Dallas, Texas. For several years they studied, their hearts and minds being filled with the Word of God, and the impartation of wisdom and learning from their instructors. This week the interns got to experience what life is like on the other side of the podium.

We took a trip to Davao, Philippines to teach in the Calvary Bible Institute run by veteran Go To Nations missionaries, Ken and Cris Sandberg. For each of the interns it was their first time to teach in a Bible school. While being excited for this ministry opportunity, each of them also had what I call a healthy intimidation about this task. Teaching in a Bible school is no small matter.

There are some things that are simply better when you get to see them with your own eyes. Seeing these Bible school students rise to the level of Bible school teachers is one of those things. Each intern did an overwhelmingly excellent job. Each one had their own teaching style, and that made it even more impacting. It was an amazing time.

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  1. First time to see you in a suit. You clean up well, Dave! :-)