Monday, August 21, 2006

God's Timing

In this picture you see fellow missionary Jimmy Capone praying for a child who lives in Calajunan, the city dump site of Iloilo. The young boy had a severe neck injury from an accident. He could not hold his neck up without help. Jimmy and the team prayed for this child for complete and total healing. We prayed and prayed asking God to heal this little one, and make his neck straight. We had to leave, but with heavy hearts since the child still had neck problems and was very listless. We left wondering why does God not heal instantly like He did in the Bible? Whe does He withhold His blessing?

The seeds of prayer for healing were planted in this child's life, and now they have come to harvest. He is totally healed. He even came to Saturday's Kid's church at the Center. He is active, smiling, no more neck problems, totally healed. His father also recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior, he is now born again.

God's purposes are greater than ours, and sometimes we do not understand His timing. When we pray for someone for healing, we may not see that healing come instantly. However, this should not hinder us from praying. The seeds of prayer get planted, and in due time, the Lord of the harvest will bring forth the healing. We need to do our part, we need to pray.


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