Saturday, March 24, 2007


Pray for Nek-nek (not his real name), one of the preschool scholarship kids. This kid has just completed his first year of preschool. This is the very first time he has ever gone to any kind of school. He has been going to Center for several years. Nek-nek has always been a very wild and rebellious kid, acting out, not listening, etc. Then he started preschool and immediately he started to change. The structure of a classroom, with schedules, procedures, and rules was exactly what Nek-nek needed. He is still fun-loving and playful, but so much more respectful and mature. He has grown so much from being in a structured school environment.

Unfortunately his guardian (I think he lives with his grandmother) wants to take him out of the Sonshine Center preschool and scholarship program. She wants to enroll him into another program where the families receive the money for schooling directly, rather than through our scholarship program. Under the program Chris directs, when parents receive the money for their students, they are expected to purchase things for their kid's schooling. They are then expected to submit a receipt for each purchase. The new program Nek-nek's guardian is considering just gives the money up front with very little oversight.

The reason why she just wants the money is so that she can use that money to support her bad habits, and not for Nek-nek's schooling. We have been told that she is into drugs and she also has a gambling problem. She will also not even send Nek-nek to school. She wants him begging on the street all day, and even late at night, for more money, also to support her bad habits. Nek-nek is only five years old.

We honestly don't know what to do. Chris will try and talk to Nek-nek's guardian, basically shaming her into realizing that she is bankrupting this child's future so she can get her cheap thrills. Please pray for Nek-nek and his grandmother. Pray that she would see the light, and that Nek-nek would stay in school. Pray also that his grandmother would have victory over these addictions.


  1. I am definitely praying! Intervene Lord!

  2. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Lord I ask for Devine revolation with Nek-Nek's grandmother, that she will get clean and become a voluntee at the Sonshine Center.