Friday, April 20, 2007

Simple Gifts, Big Blessing

Through this blog and emails, I got to know Matt. We have still yet to meet in person, but he has blessed my family and I in a simple but very big way. His wife is from this area, the province of Iloilo. They visited here a few weeks ago. I was hoping that we might be able meet, but with Camp Sonshine going on right now (and our family battling the stomach flu--that is another story for another time), we are just too busy.

So I get a knock on my door this morning, and it is one of Matt's relatives with a care package for us from them. Words cannot fully express how much of a blessing this is. These simple gifts, coffee (from STARBUCKS!) and treats for the kids, are a HUGE blessing.

To Matt and Agnes, I am sorry that we were not able to meet during your time here. I hope your stay here was full and fun. Please know that you have blessed me and my family in a big way. Salamat gid!


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