Friday, July 11, 2008


July 16
Continental Flight 627 Baltimore to Houston
Departs 7:15 AM arrives 9:22 AM
Continental Flight 73 Houston to Honolulu
Departs 11:25 AM arrives 2:35 PM
We overnight in Honolulu (since it was such a good idea the last time).

July 17
Continental Flight 1 Honolulu to Guam
Departs 2:00 PM arrives 5:40 PM on July 18th

July 18th
Continental Flight 933 Guam to Manila
Departs 7:00 PM arrives 8:40 PM
We overnight in Manila

July 19
Air Philippines Flight 2P 991 Manila to Iloilo
Departs 4:30 PM arrive 5:30 PM

As of this posting, we leave in five days.


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