Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Gut

Usually when I go back to the States I gain a few pounds from living large on American food. Portions at American restaurants are just huge compared to places to eat here in the Philippines. So here I am on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii back in April on the way to the States:
and here I am on the same beach a few days ago on the way back to the Philippines.
Pictures don't lie, it looks like I need to lose the spare tire I acquired in the States. Fortunately that is usually no problem here in the Philippines. We are much more physically active here, and since it is so hot, we do not eat as much. Chris, of course, looks as good as ever.


  1. aaaaahahahahah! That's awesome.

  2. Julie Harrison9:48 AM

    Did you plan those pictures, or notice the difference later? It was great to see you...out to eat!...and catch up. Glad you're back home safely.