Monday, October 06, 2008

Four Years

This month marks our fourth anniversary of being on the mission field. Four years ago we left our home in America and started this next chapter in our family's life. Four wonderful years, full of ministry at the Sonshine Center, helping the poor and needy, teaching in Bible schools, making undercover trips into unfriendly places working with the Underground Church, seeing many family changes and challenges, watching Tuesday Morning Football, and even adding a family member. Four incredible years! While that may seem like a long time, I feel these four years have flown by. Also we are just getting started. So many of the other missionaries we work with here in Asia have been on the mission field for ten years or more, some almost twenty years. We are still baby missionaries compared to these missionary giants.

Purpose is our passion, not children's ministry, not Bible schools, not even foreign missions--purpose is our passion. Obedience is the one thing. We will stay in the Philippines, we will stay on the mission field until God tells us to do something else. Then we will do that next thing, whatever and wherever it may be.


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