Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YFN-IAM Update

First of all what is YFN-IAM? It stands for Youth for the Nations-Ignite A Movement. The desire for this event and ministry is to ignite a movement among the youth here in the Philippines and eventually around the world. The YFN-IAM team is made up of graduates of Christ for the Nations Institute, a Bible school in Dallas, TX.

The main thrust for the event this year has been the to partner with local churches and their youth pastors. Months before the event we started meeting with local churches and their youth ministers. It is our desire that the youth who come to this week's event, have a radical experience with a life changing God, and then these youth get plugged into a local church.

Tonight was the second night of the event. The first night we had around 300 in attendance. Tonight we had 400-450. The first night twelve came forward to receive Christ. During this the second night, one of those new believers, Jason, came forward and gave his testimony.


He then said a prayer for all in attendance.

Tonight thirty two new believers came forward to accept Christ into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior. We rejoice with Heaven over these new believers.

God is truly moving, lives are being changed, hundreds of youth are being drawn, and it's only the second night.


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